Q. How much does it cost?

A. Residents who enter the program at APFU are able to come free of charge. APFU is supported by donations from individuals, families, churches and businesses, as well as by a small portion of the proceeds from The Alcoves, The Secret Place and the Goodness & Mercy Tearoom. Donations from family and friends of the residents are also gratefully accepted.

Q. What is the age range of the residents at APFU?

A. We generally accept residents from ages 12 to 27. Residents who do not fall into that age range are considered on a case by case basis.

Q. Do all the residents in the program have to make an adoption plan if they are pregnant?

A. No. All birthmothers are educated about both parenting and adoption. The decision to make a parenting plan or an adoption plan is between the birthmother and the Lord.

Q. Can residents have a job while at APFU?

A. Residents are unable to have a job while at APFU. There is too much to cover in such a short amount of time. We need the resident to be totally focused on her individual plan of hope and healing while in the program.

Q. What is the application process?

A. Residents interested in coming to APFU need to submit an application (click here to download or request by phone at 864-229-4243 and schedule an interview (click here to contact us or call 864-229-4243.Admission to APFU is considered on a case by case basis.

Q. When during pregnancy do residents come to APFU?

A. Residents can come to APFU at any stage of pregnancy.

Q. What happens when the baby comes?

A. Regardless of whether a resident chooses parenting or adoption, they generally return to the APFU home after the baby arrives for at least a few weeks before they return home. APFU works with the birthmothers to help insure they will have a safe and appropriate living environment when they leave our program.

Q. What is a typical program day like?

A. On a typical weekday, the residents go to the Learning Center at The Alcoves for about 5 hours each day; 4 days a week. At the Learning Center, girls continue their formal education as well as learning about budgeting, parenting & adoption (if applicable), decision making, etc. Residents also work on developing their job skills by working in the Secret Place. After leaving the Learning Center, the residents return to the home (sometimes after a trip to the YMCA) and do chores and any homework they may have. After supper, the residents have devotions with the house staff, followed by either Game Night or free time.

Q. How may residents can APFU have at one time?

A. APFU can house up to 6 residents at a time.

Q. How is APFU supported?

A. APFU is mainly supported by generous donations from concerned individuals, families, churches, and businesses in our community and the surrounding areas. Proceeds from The Secret Place and the Goodness & Mercy Tearoom, as well as a small portion of the proceeds from The Alcoves, also help support the ministry. To donate online, click here.

Q. Does APFU do speaking engagements?

A. Yes. If you are interested in having a speaker come or if you are interested in bringing a group to the Alcoves or the home to learn more about APFU, please contact us by e-mail (link) or at the office at (864)229-4243.

Q. How can I help?

A. There are four main ways you can help.

  1. PRAY: Prayer is the backbone of this ministry. Please pray for especially for our residents and the staff. If you would like to be added to our e-mail prayer chain, contact Bonnie via email.
  2. SUPPORT: We depend upon your generosity. Donations of clothing, household items, baby items and in kind services, as well as financial contributions (including grants, United Way[#062832], stocks, estate, etc) are gratefully accepted and are tax deductible. To donate online, click here. For a list of needed household items, click here.
  3. VOLUNTEER: APFU has many volunteer opportunities available for those with a willing heart to serve. To download a volunteer application, click here.
  4. SHOP: Whenever you shop at the Alcoves and The Secret Place or eat at the Goodness & Mercy Tearoom, you are helping support the ministry of APFU. Learn more about The Alcoves.

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