Our book~ The Story Matters ~ Video Trailer

Our book~ The Story Matters ~ Video Trailer

The Story Matters is now available for purchase online!
Visit the product page to buy your copy today.

We are very excited to have released the first printing of The Story Matters, compiled by Tammie Price. Xulon Press, our publisher, produced this video to give you a brief snapshot of what you can expect in the book. Let us know what you think of the video in a comment below!

PS. You can buy your own copy on our site.

2 Responses to “Our book~ The Story Matters ~ Video Trailer”

  1. Kendra Jennings says:

    This was a GREAT VIDEO. I am so happy for you all!! When I seen the video I was like this could be a movie lol. Anyway, we love all of you. God Bless!

  2. alexis shaw says:

    I watched the video while exploring this page and it was amazing just the little bit that was shown held so much meaning…. good luck on sales and thanks for sharing… wish i could buy a copy maybe one day because i would LOVE to read it considering im writting my life story at the time…. well bye <3 alexis

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