Residents who enter the program at APFU are able to come free of charge. APFU is supported by donations from individuals, families, churches and businesses, as well as by a small portion of the proceeds from sales at The Alcoves. Donations from family and friends of the residents are also gratefully accepted.
We take residents from the ages of 12-27. Residents who do not fall into this age category are considered on a case by case basis.
No. We educate maternity residents on both parenting and adoption. The decision to do either is between the birth mother and God.
Residents are unable to have a job while there. There is too much to cover in a short amount of time. We need the resident to be totally focused on her individual plan for hope and healing while in the program.
Contact our main office for a phone interview 864-229-4243. You can download the application HERE.
Any time during their pregnancy.
Typically, the birth mother will return back to the home regardless of adoption or parenting. This stay can last a few weeks or the resident may want to be considered as a Transitional candidate if she is qualified. It is our desire to see that a resident has a healthy, stable and safe environment to return back to when she decides to leave the program.
On a typical week day, the residents go to the Learning Center at The Alcoves four days a week for five hours. During this time, they may continue to work on their education, learn budgeting skills, Bible studies, mentoring, decision making, parenting and adoption education and job skills. Afterwards the residents may run errands with house staff and sometimes they go exercise or attend Celebrate Recovery meetings.
We are generously supported by families, churches, civic organizations, grants, and a percentage of the sales from The Alcoves.
Yes! Go HERE to learn more about having someone from APFU speak at your next event!
There are four main ways you can help:
  1. PRAY. Prayer is the backbone of this ministry! CLICK HERE to be added to our email list!
  2. SUPPORT. We depend upon your generosity. Donations to The Secret Place, to our Mommy Closet, in-kind services, as well as financial contributions (including grants, United Way (#062832), stocks, estate, etc.) are gratefully accepted and are tax deductible. Go HERE to donate to our ministry!
  3. VOLUNTEER. APFUMI has many volunteer opportunities available for those with a willing heart to serve. Go HERE to find the Volunteer Application.
  4. SHOP. Whenever you shop at The Alcoves, eat at our tea room or have services done through the salon or spa you are helping support the ministries of A Place for Us. Learn more about The Alcoves!

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