Many times in life God uses the smallest, most unexpected things or people to touch our lives and shape us for His glory. I am the founder of A Place for Us Ministries although a hairdresser by trade, I volunteer at the ministry three days a week. 

A Place for Us is a maternity home that was founded in 2001. The girls come free of charge; a willing heart is what qualifies them to enter our program.

Many of you will be able to relate to what I am about to share.

When in ministry and reaching out to the hurting, the lost, the homeless, or the ones fighting addictions of this world, it can become very tiring and sometimes discouraging. “BUT” – God calls us to be His hands and His feet to the orphans, strangers, and the widows. So in obedience to the call we continue to sow seeds of His grace, mercy, and unconditional love.

Some days we receive phone calls from previous birthmothers saying things are not going well since they left A Place for Us Ministries, and then there are days when calls come in saying, “I passed my GED”, “I got my registered nurse license in the mail today!”, “I am in church and marrying a godly man”. We have stories like these that develop in God’s timing and are testimonies of His grace.

However, as I prayed about a testimony to share with you it was evident Hope’s story was to be shared.

Hope was born last year in November, and will soon be one year old. She is one of the most beautiful babies, and she has the sweetest disposition, even strangers stop to admire her. Psalm 139 tells us that babies are a gift from God and are his creation.  We believe God has a wondrous plan for Hope’s future as he did for Moses.

Hope was born to a mother that we have learned to love and appreciate for her unselfish love. After enduring a childhood of sexual abuse, homelessness, and separation from her siblings due to placement in different shelters due to the incarceration of her mother, “Joy” – Hope’s mother ended up living on a bathroom floor at a public park.  Finally after extreme temperatures and hunger, Joy started contacting churches and found our ministry.   Little did I know that God would bring a mother all the way from Charleston to give birth and speak something so profound to my heart.  So clearly He said to me, “If I call A Place for Us Ministries to do this work to save one precious life for My Kingdom and My glory…. it is worth all that is given”. I wept knowing this is the heart of God that he would send His son for just one, as the scripture states in Matthew that “He would leave 99 sheep to go after the one loss”.

Hope’s mother stayed longer in our program than any other mother. They lived at the home 6 months after Hope’s birth.

To make a long story short we all knew there was something special about Hope and our hearts were telling us that God had a special plan for her life. God allowed Joy to go through a journey that would lead her back to God’s original plan and that was for Hope to be adopted.

We at APFU were able to see God through so many facets.
1. After all Joy had been through she learned to trust again and she accepted Christ and was baptized.
2.  She learned that life is always going to be an up hill battle, but what matters is what is on the other side
3.  A cycle was broken for Hope (homelessness, abandonment, high school drop out, addictions no longer had to be a part of her life).  Joy chose to make that up hill climb easier for her daughter Hope.
4. Joy chose an open adoption.  The adoptive family has an amazing God story all their own…He blessed this beautiful barren couple that loves Him with a special gift from above; to love other children; not of their own flesh or color, as though they were their very own.

Joy had all the reasons to consider terminating this precious life. But instead she chose to give her baby life and life in abundance!

From time to time we like to share stories such as Hope’s to let you know how much of an impact your prayers and support make in the life of a pregnant girl or a little baby.  It is truly amazing what God can do when we begin to trust and obey Him.

You may have received this email because you are a prayer partner, a monthly contributor or maybe you have received this email because you have shopped in The Alcoves of A Place for Us Ministries….whatever the reason….we truly value your partnership with this ministry.  We pray that you will continue to be a part of this “hope-giving” ministry and bless lives like Hope’s and the many others that come through our ministry doors.

God’s many blessings be upon you and your family this Christmas season and into the coming New Year.

Faithfully Serving Him,

Tammie Price
President. /Founder

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